Partner Visa

There is a visa option for applicants outside of Australia and another similar option for applicants making an applicationĀ  inside Australia for Partner Visas. Both the onshore and offshore visas operate on the basis that an application is made at the same time for firstly a provisional visa and then for a subsequent Permanent Partner visa.

This is a 2 stage process in which the applicant is first assessed for a temporary visa and if this visa is granted it is valid for at least 2 years when the relationship is assessed and if it is still genuine and ongoing a permanent visa is granted without making a further application. If the relationship ceases before the permanent visa is granted the visa will be cancelled under most circumstances.

Different types of Partner Visas

  1. Subclass 820 Partner Provisional
  2. Subclass 801 Partner Residence
  3. Subclass 309 Partner Provisional
  4. Subclass 100 Partner Migrant